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    Studylicious is a clean and easy workflow for using iPads in the classroom. With Studylicious apps and games for the iPad, educators can easily create and distribute their own lessons and then assess their students’ results.

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Making iPads in the classroom even sweeter!

Your students love to work on the iPad: it's exciting, intuitive and fun. It's everything that a paper handout isn't. Unlike paper handouts, however, all of that work on the iPad is lost as soon as the student puts the device down.

Studylicious bridges the gap between old school and new. With Studylicious apps, all of your students' time, effort and hard work will be accounted for. You can track progress as students work through the lessons you create. See which areas need improvement, and which areas don't. You can even fine-tune lesson content based on individual student needs. And all of this is done through one easy to use web interface!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy! Just download a Studylicious-enabled app and create an account.

Who uses studylicious?

Studylicious is for anybody who wants to create customized content in educational apps and track student progress including teachers, school districts, tutors and parents.

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A quiz app featuring Studylicious integration. Push quizzes directly out to student devices and view the results online.

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